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Taking care of business… by pgaqi
September 18, 2011, 5:02 pm
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The past month has been very busy at the newly established MakeLab 2.0 Enterprise. Natalie Haddad, Steve Kroodsma, and myself to a lesser role, have been building a new CNC machine that will be exclusively used by MakeLab 2.0 Enterprise members. Such endeavor has been possible through the influence and the support of The Coleman Foundation. The mission of implementing entrepreneurship within the student body has come to light in MakeLab’s expansion to the new quarters. The hard work of all who have been actively participating and giving their contribution shows clearly in the construction progress of the new 7’x12′ CNC-machine (5’x10′ operable).

The process is somewhat slow but thorough. It involves precision and detailing, such that it may perhaps surpass the accuracy of the original ShopBot CNC-machine at the lab when complete. So far, the table bed and supports are complete, with the assembly of the gantry coming soon. The PC that will run the CNC was donated and assembled by Steve, while being retrofitted into a wooden box (tower?). The new machine will include also a vacuum table, facilitating further the production phase in all future projects.

My colleagues and I would like to thank Assistant Dean and Director of Graduate Studies, Ralph Nelson, for his contribution to the MakeLab with the tools donation, guidance, and support for the enterprise. Special thanks to Director James C. Stevens for making it all possible.  Lets keep making good (great?) things!

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By: Pandush Gaqi


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